2011 Great Outhouse Blowout
Saturday October 8, 2011
Concert Performers


Payne & Waters

This classic country duet is made up of two veterans of the music world who have been performing together since fall of 2009. They met at a jam session, played together a couple of weeks later and "thanks" to the response of the crowd have played together ever since.

Ronnie Payne (Lancaster, KY) spent many years playing in the Louisville, KY area. He has the distinction of being an excellent bass player along with strong vocal abilities. He has performed with groups that opened for Shenandoah, Earl Thomas Conley, Johnny Paycheck, Alabama, Marty Stewart, Hank Jr., Keith Whitley and others. Ronnie also picks a pretty good lead guitar with Payne and Waters.

Dan Waters (Lancaster, KY) formed and played in a group called "Dirty Waters" for many years in the Greater Cincinnati and southeastern Indiana area. He recorded a single titled, "Warm Sheets Can't Cover Up Your Cold, Cold Heart" in Nashville's RCA studio in 1981. The song was released on the "Sound waves" label and distributed by an independent promoter nationwide. Dan moved back to Lancaster, his hometown, in 2004. Strong vocals and rhythm guitar are his trademarks.

Payne and Waters love their music and the joy of performing together. After two years they are really catching on. They appear as regular guests at show barns and festivals in central Kentucky and southern Ohio.

Frankly Scarlet formed last year as three friends entertained their compadres on the back deck with an acoustic guitar and a laptop. It was soon realized that the only common song was Rockin' in the Free World; thus a rock band was born. Originally known as CHIP TURN YOUR BASS DOWN, the friends called upon other area musicians to join them. Lead vocalist, Scarlet Sebastian, has been singing for a long time and thought it time to bring the music back. Bassist, Chip Minks, found music later in life via Guitar Hero and is the band's self-chosen leader. Guitarist, Mike Smith, began playing as a means to be cooler, as if he weren't already cool enough. Guitarist, Mark Spencer, began playing at age 10 and has been spotted in several other bands over the years. He can be followed on his tour of surrounding areas with his solo acoustic show. Drummer, Chris "Thunderfoot" Gay has just recently added his experience to the band with his crazy drum beats and years of playing. The chemistry and eclectic tastes of the group quickly created a song list and tailored it to fit. Frankly Scarlet plays a wide variety of music from the 60s on. The band likes to have fun and not take itself too seriously, and prides itself on playing great music.

Dix River Crossing is a regional bluegrass group that has been playing festivals ,concerts, and private gatherings since the fall of 2009.

The members Phillip Crowe (guitar and lead vocals), Mark Lanham (Mandolin and tenor vocals), Greg Ives (banjo and baritone/bass vocals) and Jeff Cain (upright bass and supporting vocals) all share stteped backgrounds in various styles of bluegrass, gospel, country, and blues musical venues.  Years of performance experience bodes well for this tightly knit group. 

Whether it's a traditional bluegrass tune, a tightly harmonized gospel piece, or a contemporary original, Dix River Crossing presents their music in a unique, refreshing and memorable fashion.


Andy Rice, a native of Pulaski County, Kentucky currently resides in Boyle County with his wife Jane.  Andy's musical inspiration comes from his uncle, who would bring his guitar to family gatherings and perform for the family.  Andy's mother Geneva Rice was also an inspiration as she also played the guitar and sang.  Andy has written two songs, "Which Way to Pray" and "Slipped and Fell in Love".  Andy also played guitar and sang solo in a country band named "Andy and the Dandy's" in the early 1980s.  In the '80s and '90s he played with "The Kings Mt. Bluegrass Boys." Tony Cooper joined the band Mamakitty Southwood in the fall of 2010. It was an immediate connection, melding his style with the existing sound. The bandís  flexibility lies in the ability to play as a full 5 piece or as an acoustic duo or trio. Songwriter Tony Cooper now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He enjoys writing songs and playing music any time he can.  While he likes many types and genres of music, his favorites are the old time tearjerkers.
From Son House and Muddy Waters to Johnny Cash and ZZ Top, "Salvation Street Blues" captures the essence of roots blues and boogie at it's core.  Although newly formed, the band is made up of former members of the "Mighty Blues Dragon."  Jeff Cain (vocals and acoustic/slide guitar, Ronnie Payne (vocals and bass guitar) and Jon "Toobad" Waters (Harmonica and vocals) has a combined 75+ years of musical and entertainment experience.  With a nod to good old American boogie woogie and rockabilly, the band also pays homage to the delta, Appalachian, Memphis, and Chicago styles of blues.  "Salvation Street Blues = Music that soothes soul".

Also returning is DAWN OSBORN


In 1992, DAWN shared the stage with her twin sister, DAVA (deceased 2000).After taking a break from the stage for 5 years, concentrating on songwriting, Dawn returns with a BAND of musicians each a master of their own sound.

Other Performers Coming

DAN KELLY (Springfield, KY)

JOE CISSELL ( Bardstown, KY)

ROGER BonDURANT (Lexington, KY ... who can be heard every weekend at CCI, Lexington)

For more information contact Jeanne Penn Lane at
Penn's Store
257 Penn's Store Road
Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
Phone: 859-332-7706
E-mail: PennsStore@aol.com
GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

It is best to call ahead to check times and cancellations.

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