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Historic PENN'S STORE presents

2017 Great Outhouse Blowout

Saturday -- September 16, 2017
Sunday -- September 17, 2017

 The year 2017 marks 25 years since the historic 1992 "Great Outhouse Blowout at Penn's Store,
3 miles southeast of Gravel Switch, Kentucky.  Come enjoy the fun!

( 859 ) 332 - 7706 / 7715      



( To check last year's writers /  performers click link below )

Historic Penn's Store  ~  Gravel Switch

( 859 ) 332 - 7706 / 7715       FACEBOOK


Penn's Store FACEBOOK

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For more information about Penn's Store visit Jeanne Lane on her Facebook page.

We have created a new links page to access historical Penn's Store events of the past.  You can see pictures and biographies of entertainers and  participants of past Great Outhouse Blowouts and Kentucky Writers' Day events by clicking here.

For any event it is always best to call ahead to check times and cancellations.

Penn's Store
257 Penn's Store Road
Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
859-332-7706 or 859-332-7715

GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

( All hours are "country hours" - give or take a few minutes.)

Saturday   1 PM ~ 6 OR 7 PM
Sunday       2 PM ~ 6 OR 7 PM

* Weekday hours are by perchance at this time.
If coming from a distance, it is advisable to call ahead to make sure no emergency
 has ocurred that will affect Store hours.  One can also check FACEBOOK for updates
on "Dates and Hours of operation as they may expand in future months.
( 859.332-7706  or  859.332-7715 )

For the latest information, visit Jeanne Lane on her personal
Facebook page.

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