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Historic PENN'S STORE presents

the 25th Anniversary of the
Great Outhouse Blowout

September 17, 2016





Documenting The October 17, 1992 Outhouse Dedication Ceremonies at Penn's Store

3 Miles southeast of Gravel Switch, Kentucky

The EVENT that brought Outhouse Racing to Penn's Store,  Kentucky


Historic Penn's Store

6 PM  ~  until

 This year marks the 25TH Anniversary of the first " Great Outhouse BLOWOUT " event ~ the dedication of Penn's Privy which brought international attention to Penn's Store.  All major television networks at the time, ABC, CBS, NBC highlighted the event and CNN broadcast segments world wide.   The late world renowned guitarist, Chet Atkins and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Billy Edd Wheeler headlined the Dedication ceremonies ... plus many other notables, musicians and entertainers .    Emcee's for the 4 hour concert and dedication were  Wayne Perky of WHAS, TV & radio,  and Johnny Randolph, of WAKY radio. 

 To honor the October 17, 1992 event ... Penn's Store will be showing on Friday Evening, September 16, 2016  a video made by the late D.C. May of Marion County, Kentucky capturing that historical day.   The video ( which has been made into a DVD ) logs the day from the perspective of May who grew up near Penn's Store.    There will also be shown a segment by Nashville's  "Tennessee Crossroads"  TV 8,  that covered the event. 

There are folks on the video that many will know, and also many who are no longer with us. 

 So ... for anyone that did not attend the 1992 Dedication of Penn's Privy ... or those who did and wish to reminisce ....  or those who were not yet born  ( 25 years of age and younger) ...  

this is your chance to view "what" brought Outhouse Racing to Kentucky ... and continued the event now called  The " BLOWOUT".

  No admission will be charged.  

A Music Jam, beginning at 6 PM will be offered as we await nightfall ...

Snack food will be available for purchase, or bring your own. 

Bring a Chair.

Bring a Flashlight.

Bring an instrument ( if you want to join in the music jam ). 

...... And travel back in time with us to see "history" happening.

To see more about the Great Outhouse Blowout 25th Celebration, click here.

To see the list of entertainers and their schedule, click here.

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We have created a new links page to access historical Penn's Store events of the past.  You can see pictures and biographies of entertainers and  participants of past Great Outhouse Blowouts and Kentucky Writers' Day events by clicking here.

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Penn's Store
257 Penn's Store Road
Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
859-332-7706 or 859-332-7715

GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

( All hours are "country hours" - give or take a few minutes.)

Saturday   11 AM ~ 6 PM
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Saturday    11 AM ~ 5 PM
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* Weekday hours are by perchance or appointment presently.
Weather conditions can alter Store hours.
If coming from a distance, it is advisable to call ahead. 
( 859.332-7706  or  859.332-7715 )

For the latest information, visit Jeanne Lane on her personal
Facebook page.

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