2012 Great Outhouse Blowout
Saturday October 6, 2012
Meet and Greet

Mule Man with Neal James


Boyd Sandusky

Marion County, Kentucky


Known nation wide as the "MULE MAN" ... Boyd Sandusky was born on Mayes Chapel Road in Marion County, Kentucky.   One might say he has had a life long love for mules.   At age ten, he was plowing corn with a Rastuss plow.  He has worked mules, rode mules, traded mules, trained mules to work, ride and jump.  Given the nickname The "MULE MAN" in 1975, his love affair with mules was just beginning.  In 1990 he bought his first jack, KENTUCKY CLYDE and began breeding mares.   He was breeding 100-120 mares a year, and had 4 jacks.  As his mule population grew, so did his reputation as the MULE MAN.  In 2010 the RFD Network did a show on Boyd Sandusky "Mule Man".  In 2011 he was asked to be judge of The Mule Show in Louisville, Kentucky.   Sandusky will be featured in an upcoming national cable network show with his mules, date to be announced.    At his "The Mule Barn"  in Lebanon, Kentucky he has offered Field Days for Disability Kids the past several years, passing on his knowledge and love for mules to the younger generation.   Boyd and his wife Donna are the parents of six children, all of which can drive a pair of mules. 


*The MULE MAN and his team of mules will be in the Parade at this year's "Great Outhouse BLOWOUT" at Historic Penn's Store on Saturday, October 6.      PARADE time: 11:30 AM

Puppeteer and ventriloquist Nelson Reynolds of Washington County, Kentucky will entertain kids of all ages

at the 2012 October 6 BLOWOUT.


JACK HARTMAN -  Columbia, KY

Steven Gray from Campbellsville, Kentucky, writes poetry and short children's stories and also composes and writes music. He is a singer and a craftsman.

James Higdon has worked for the Courier-Journal in Louisville and the New York Times.  He has contributed to The Prairie Home Companion, researched the NYPD counter-terrorism and intelligence division and is currently a contributing editor with PBS Frontline's Teharan Bureau.  He lives in Lebanon, Kentucky, and Brooklyn, New York. 

Higdon is the author of the book The Cornbread Mafia and is the first journalist subpoenaed under the Obama administration.  His book takes readers back to the 1970s and '80s and the clash between federal and local law enforcement and a band of Kentucky farmers with moonshine and pride in their bloodlines.

One quote about the book says:
"A boggling and wacky history that illuminated the shadowy area between the good guys and the bad guys, and vividly documents how far the temptations of one plant can take men ..."  -- Geoffrey Gray, author of the New York Times bestseller Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper

C. A. Shelley will have a collection of knives for sale.  Hi-Tech and Modern.  He buys or traded "Old" knives.  Also, he will do a book signing of his books of poetry.  Framed prints of his recent and most memorable poems will be available for purchase.Having spent his early years in the USMC, Shelley became a member of the Lexington Fire Department, retiring after 28 years of service.

In 2010 he found his voice in the arts by writing and co-producing the movie Gone but Not Forgotten, the Story of the Smoke Eaters, a full-length documentary chronicling the memories and experiences of his "Firefighter Brothers".  During the filming Shelley became so inspired that he began to write.

First: A Collection of Poems, Thoughts & Short Stories about his beloved Fire Department.  Second: Wake Up, America; itís Your Conscience Calling, thirty poems honoring the struggles that our military and their families are enduring every moment. Third: His current book A Spiritual Awakening, forty-nine poems of Inspiration & Hope.

He calls himself a "Blue-Collar Poet", with "My God guiding this ship, putting His words in my heart, which I put to paper. I am on a mission and I have a lot to say, so look for me; I'm coming to you down God's highway."

C.A. Shelley and his wife Rita reside at Lake Herrington, Mercer County, Kentucky.

Darlene Franklin Campbell is an artist and an iternationally-known, award-winning novelist and poet from southern Kentucky.  At the Great Outhouse Blowout she will be doing sketches and painting faces [along with her sister] as well as selling art and books.  Darlene lives and teaches in Adair County, Kentucky, where she was born and spent her childhood. She shares her home county with the legacies of Mark Twain' mother, Jane Clemens, and Kentucky authors, Henry and Janice Holt Giles. The country and people of Southern Appalachia color all her memories and identity. With family scattered from the shores of the Cumberland River to the Coal Fields of Pike County, a Kentucky life is the only life she has ever known; therefore all proceeds from her poetry go to fighting mountaintop removal and blessing lives of the peoples of Southern Appalachia.

Her articles on Mexican-American heritage and education have been published in New Madrid and Instructor Magazine. Her poetry has been published in multiple national and international magazines and journals as such as Other Voices International, StorySouth, Riverwalk Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, Mid-South Review, Rogue ScholarsCOAL: An Anthology by Blair Mountain Press, aimed at halting mountaintop removal. Her work is also to appear in Coal County: Rising up Against Mountain Top Removal, by Counterpoint press in conjunction with Sierra Productions as an accompaniment to the documentary [narrated by Ashley Judd], also entitled Coal Country. Darlene is also a novelist who has published two science fiction novels [Dragon's Heir and Journey to Ak'ras]. She is currently working on a contemporary fiction novel set in Upper Cumberland, Kentucky. Darlene plans to give all royalties from the novel to the Relay for Life. She says this is her way of fighting back for all the loved ones she has seen claimed by cancer. "The cancer rate in Kentucky is unbelievable," she says. "It's time we all stood together against that giant and brought it down to size."The novel is entitled, Chippie and is scheduled for release in early summer of 2010.

Darlene is a graduate of Lindsey Wilson College and an alumnus of both Campbellsville University and Western Kentucky University. She holds a Master's degree in Education in Rural Settings. In addition to being a poet and novelist, she is an accomplished artist whose murals are displayed on walls throughout the Upper Cumberland region.

Bob Woodward, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, now calls Hustonville, Kentucky home.  He has been crafting items of wood, large and small, for 40 + years.  At the 2012 BLOWOUT Woodward will have a variety of his creations, many of which are "primitive" style items, on display and for sale.  For speciality handcrafted wood items, Woodward may be reached at 606.346.5443 or 859.324.1071(cell).  

Linda S. Prather was born in Kentucky and is a resident of Lexington.  Linda will do a Book Signing and also share examples of topics from her books such as Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Phenomena.  Her greatest desire as a writer is to write characters that readers love, hate, laugh and cry with.  She loves learning -- period.  She received an associate degree in metaphysics in 1992 and has become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Her first novel, The Gifts, incorporated metaphysics into fiction.

Yolantha Harrison-Pace, will debut dolls, journals and textile arts for sale in support of feeding hungry children.  She will also do a book signing -- and you do not want to miss one of her "readings".  Check at her tent for potential "reading" times. 

Yolantha is an award winning author, playwright and poet, referenced as America's Top 100 Literary African American Divas, Poet of the Year, Humanitarian Author of the Year, Adjunct Reporter for University of Southern California's Institute of Genetic Medicine Art Museum, Guest Columnist Advocate Messenger, On-Line Arts and Education Reporter for Examiner, Guest Poet for THE CAN FACTORY of Mohnesee, Germany. Ambassador to Haiti for Arise and Shine the Light Ministries.

Lebanon, KY

Gordon Webb, a native of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia, now resides in Lebanon, KY.  He picked up the guitar in his teenage years after a football injury.  Being a teenager in the '60's, his musical influence was rock and roll and popular music of the 50's and 60's.  This is the style he has stayed with.  Webb sometimes likes to alter the lyrics of rock and roll to spiritual wording and perform in his church (as in Sister Act). Gordon also performs covers in small venues with his friends Mike Hill (bass) and Ricky Cox (drums).

MIKE HILL is a native of Lebanon, KY.  He has played lead, rhythm, bass with numerous bands over the years.  Mike is a member of the Lebanon-Marion County Historical Society and presently involved with the Smithsonian "New Harmonies" Exhibit on display at Center Square, Lebanon, KY.  The Exhibit which chronicles the importance of music in America's history, will run through November.


He goes by Joseph, although his mom calls him Joey and some folks call him Joe. His full name, though, is Joseph Ross Camuglia.  He's of Italian decent and grew up in a small town (of about 5 thousand people) 60 miles north of New York City. The town is called Marlboro. And although they don't make cigarettes there, they do smoke a lot of them! Marlboro is situated on the Hudson River, not too far from Poughkeepsie or West Point. It's a beautiful area of rolling hills and lots of trees, many of which are fruit trees. The area rates third in apple production in the New York State, and this songwriter was fortunate enough to live amidst acres and acres of apple orchards. For twenty years he's been writing and singing songs, often in places that you wouldn't expect, such as pizza shops and barber shops... and grocery stores and laundromats. He also sings and plays at more conventional places like churches, coffeehouses, schools and college campuses. Joseph s certainly one of America's best "unknown" songwriters. but it's probably just a short period of time before some big shot record producer offers him a contract and receives the fame and fortune that he's been so diligently avoiding all these years! In the meantime, singing for the few is what he loves to do. Many albums are in the works. Joseph has written over a thousand songs, and little by little he hopes to record at least a few hundred of them!

Professional musician, jewelry maker, equestrian

LISA PATTERSON has been a professional musician for over 25 years, mainly in the Southwest United States, Anchorage, Alaska and Lexington, Ky.  Her sound is classic  rock, country, blues and jazz.

Lisa is also an artist specializing in jewelry and owner of GOODLIFE JEWELRY.    Her jewelry collection is antique, vintage and handmade of sterling silver and semiprecious stones.  She also crafts some low silver percentage charms that are very popular with teens (and inexpensive).  She exhibits not only her own work, but creations of a few jewelry artists from the Southwest U.S.

Lisa's Equine business, HORSE and RIDER HEALING involves green riders and horses who need a helping hand to get in tune with each other gently, emphasis on "gently" for horse and  rider.   She has been riding and training her own horses/ponies since childhood.  According to Patterson, " I have had veterinarians, trainers, horse show judges and fieriers who taught me most all I know concerning this endeavor."

Lisa Patterson can be reached at 859. 265.0677


Steve Shepperson will be back with his wonderful plants and products.  Get them fast before they are gone! Steve sells out fast.

For more information contact Jeanne Penn Lane at
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