2016 Great Outhouse Blowout
Saturday September 17, 2016
Concert Performers

Barry Morrison,born March 20, 1949, in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, is an American country music singer-songwriter. This multi-talented artist is largely identified with the country rock/Americana genre(s) of music, and is best known for his 1970's cult-classic "Snakey Hollow Stud"; a song released on the RCM Records label which charted on the Independent Country Music Charts at number one. Based on this initial success, Morrison received a 1971 first round nomination for Country Male Vocalist of the Year. In the interveining years, several other of Morrison's releases have entered into a top five chart position, with "There Ain't No Country" being the only other of his songs to reach number one. The offer to record his music on his own terms for a Nashville-based label lead Morrison back to recording and performing in 2007. Given the opportunity, he took a bare bones approach to recording the highly acclaimed roots music album; "A Cold Wild Wind". That year saw him touring solo throughout the central and southeastern United States in support of the album release. In 2009, Morrison recorded outstanding cover versions of "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Good Hearted Woman" in preparation for headlining and promoting the 2010 Walk the Line-Good Hearted Woman Tour. In April 2012, Morrison returned to the studio to record more original material. Backed by bassist Paul Martin, better known as "The Apostle", the Americana Music Association 2006 Instrumentalist of the Year,  Kenny Vaughn and dobro virtuoso Matt DeSpain.   The Barry Morrison discography chronicles the very powerful musical output of a consummate singer-songwriter. The lyrics from one of his songs proclaims, "I'm a hundred miles of bad road, I'm a bridge washed out". Luckily, he found the way around it all.
Joe Crafa was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He became interested in music of the thirties and forties while listening to his parents' record collection and became influenced by the styles of Dick Haymes, Bing Crosby, and several other artists of that era. Joe was the lead singer for several "oldies" groups while living in New York. He played tenor saxophone and performed at resorts in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. After marrying he moved to New Jersy and discontinued any public performances. He moved to Casey County, Kentucky in 2005 and in 2009 was "drafted" by his friends to help start an open mic at Uncle Bob's in Stanford, Kentucky.It was there that he first heard Leah Clark perform. The two tried an unrehearsed song together at the open mic, which was so well received that they decided to form a duet. Jon Nesbitt, a Pennsylvania native, has had one desire in life -- to be a successful musician and songwriter.  At the age of 14 he started playing guitar and writing songs. He soon realized that the more instruments he could play, the easier it would be to get into a band.  At the age of 17 he learned to play drums and bass guitar. The piano soon followed.  Jon was being influenced by musicians such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrex.  Jon realized that a true musician should be open to different styles of music from rock and blues to folk and country.  This thinking has helped him develop his own style.  Over the years he has worked with many of Central Kentucky's top country and rock variety bands. He has also preformed as a solo act. Jon doesn't want to be classified as a "one style writer".  He wants to be known as a true musician, songwriter and performer.  With his love for music and a God given talent, Jon has the ability to succeed.
Wayne Westerfield ( aka " The Drumming Banker",  a title earned later in his music career ) has been performing in bands since 1968.   His early band career was spent with bands performing Soul and Rhythm & Blues, all of which had a strong influence on his musical palate.  However, in 1975, while in college, several "Country" music jobs came along ... his adopted genre for the past 41 years ... and " the rest is history".  Westerfield was drummer on a 1969 45rpm record done by noted Boyle County, Kentucky songwriter, KENDALL  HAYES ( who penned the country classic, "JUST WALK ON BY". ) Westerfield will return to his "roots" at the 2016 Songwriters Tribute Showcase as drummer with * BIG BOSS BAND.   

In 1992, Dawn Osborn shared the stage with her twin sister Dava (deceased 2000).After taking a break from the stage for 5 years, concentrating on songwriting, Dawn to entertain with her beautiful voice and variety of styles.


Guest Performers

Gordon Webb, a native of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia, has spent most of his adult life in Elizabethtown and now resides in Lebanon.  He picked up the guitar in his teenage years after a football injury put a damper on his mobility for several months.

Being the 9th of 10 children, and a teenager in the '60's, his musical influence was rock and roll and popular music of the 50's and 60's.  This is the style he has stayed with.  Although he does not write original music, he sometimes likes to alter the lyrics of rock and roll to spiritual wording and perform in his church (as in Sister Act).)



In 1992, DAWN shared the stage with her twin sister, DAVA (deceased 2000).After taking a break from the stage for 5 years, concentrating on songwriting, Dawn to entertain with her beautiful voice and variety of styles.


Seth Phillips is the weekday afternoon meteorologist for LEX 18. Born in the heart of Cajun Country (Lafayette, LA), Seth is no stranger to severe weather. Growing up, hurricanes and tornadoes grabbed his attention and started him on his path to tell the weather story. His first position as a broadcast meteorologist took him across the country to Medford, OR. Three months ago, he found his way to the Bluegrass, to master South Midwestern severe weather. Seth loves to be outdoors. Whether it's running, hiking, skiing, or helping the community, Seth spends as much time outside in the weather as he does forecasting it!


MID-MORNING JAM   ...   10:00 AM ~ 11:30 AM

& Others

 AFTERNOON 2016 GOB CONCERT            12:30 PM ~ 5:15 PM

 12:30 PM ~ 1:30 PM

Special 1992 "STAR" Guests

( Entertainers and notables returning from the 1992 event.)





*  DAWN OSBORN  with Lindsay Olive and Michael Anderson

*  Others To Be Announced

 1:30 PM ~ 3:15 PM


 3:30 PM ~ 5:15 PM



* NOTE:  Afternoon performance times are subject to change/altering due to the "races" that will be held in between acts. 

For more information contact Jeanne Penn Lane at
Penn's Store
257 Penn's Store Road
Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
Phone: 859-332-7706
E-mail: PennsStore@aol.com
GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

It is best to call ahead to check times and cancellations.

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