Great Outhouse Blowout at Penn's Store

25th Anniversary
Saturday, September 17, 2016



To see a list of past Outhouse 300 Winners, click here.

                                                                                                                           Photographer: Kirk Schlea



featuring the "OUTHOUSE 300"  RACE

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Friends of Penn's Store and Kentucky Writers Day Celebration

 You may recall meeting Jamie McDonald during the 2015 KWD CELEB event at Penn's Store.   He was filming during the event.

 Historic PENN'S STORE will be highlighted in the new upcoming PBS Show "American Originals: Made On Main Street" by Emmy Award winning creator, director, producer JAMIE MCDONALD.

Release Date in USA and Canada is JULY 9, 2016 and will be on the satellite for 3 years. 

 According to the latest from McDonald, reports from PBS stations ...   KET and WKPC in Kentucky are going to be the first( to air show)  - they will begin showing it in August. 

And the big one WNET/NYC ( the largest PBS in America and broadcasts in other parts of the country ) will be airing ( dates unavailable at this time ).

 Latest report from Penn's Store ... Tourist from Houston, Texas and Detroit, Michigan visiting Penn's Store over the weekend of June 25 -26 are already seeing the promo for "AMERICAN ORIGINALS" in their areas and includes Penn's Store in the trailer.

 Check your local PBS station for air dates in your area.

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 Saturday      SEPTEMBER 17, 2016      10 AM - 6 PM

Admission: $5 adults; $1 Children 12 & under; Preschoolers - free

Donations appreciated to help with event costs.  All those making a donation will be given a Ticket and will be eligible for Door Prizes.

  * Keep Ticket for Door Prizes 

*Bring Chair / Blanket

RV Parking and Camping available.  Contact Penn's Store.


* * * * * * *

* OUTHOUSE BACHELOR Contest (for women)

* UGLY LEGS Contest (for men)

 For Contest Rules & Prizes contact Penn's Store 

 or check at Tent next to Stage day of event 

* * * * * * * * *

Saturday ~ SEPTEMBER 17

For a list of Entertainers for the Day and their schedule, click here.


( INFORMATION BOOTH near Stage Area )

* FREE Roll of TP to First 100 Admission Vehicles

* DOOR PRIZES ( keep ticket stubs for drawing.)


  9:00 AM .........................   Gates "OPEN"

 10:00 AM .................. * REGISTRATION begins for:

                                         * UGLY LEGS ( @ Information Booth ) 

                                         * OUTHOUSE BACHELOR ( @ Information Booth )

                                         * CORN HOLE TOURNEY ( @ Corn Hole Area )

                                         * CAR SHOW ( @ Car Show Tent )

                                   * RACE Teams check in.

 10:00 AM ...................  MID-MORNING "JAM" :

                                      Gordon Webb, Joe Crafa, Ted Lavit, Jon Nesbitt,

                                      George Owens and others

 11:40 AM  ............... PARADE of PRIVIES (

                                 * Presentations of 2016 GOB Award winners

12:00 NOON .................... OUTHOUSE 300 Begins

Race Director -- Brandon Rogers

12:30 PM ..................... Ugly Legs ~ Outhouse Bachelor Contests

Special 1992 "STAR" Guest

* Barry Morrison  * Dawn Osborn 

* Johnny Randolph  * Tim Scott  & Others

with  * Michael Anderson  * Lindsay Olive
Dawn Osborn with Lindsay Oliver and Michael Anderson

  1:30 PM .....................  RC and The NIGHTSHADES

( Classic R&B, Blues )

 3:30 PM .....................  The ALTRUISTICS

( 13 member Soul. Rock band; sounds of the 60s & 70s )

 5:30 PM .............................  CHAMPIONSHIP RACE

Followed by Presentation of Trophies & Awards






( Keep ticket stubs for Door Prizes )



 * Schedule and Times subject to change. 

 Check FACEBOOK for updates

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Penn's Store Face Book Page Here:
To get information on Facebook about Penn's Store and/or the GREAT OUTHOUSE BLOWOUT go to JEANNE LANE's Page at

For those of you concerned about the store and what is going on with the cleanup and with the well being of the pets there, click here for more information.

For More Information:

Penn's Store
257 Penn's Store Road
Gravel Switch, Kentucky 40328
Phone: 859-332-7706

GPS Coordinates: N37.549912; W085.028191

( All hours are "country hours" - give or take a few minutes.)

Saturday   11 AM ~ 6 PM
Sunday       2 PM ~ 6 PM

Saturday    11 AM ~ 5 PM
Sunday        1 PM ~ 5 PM

For more information about Penn's Store visit Jeanne Lane on her Facebook page.

What is the Great Outhouse Blowout?


This event started out as a dedication of Penn's Store's new outhouse in 1992. Why would anyone celebrate getting an outhouse? Because the store had never had one. The store had no running water or restroom facilities of any kind, just plenty of trees. The store still does not have running water, but it does have an outhouse. Some of us thought that was worth celebrating, especially the ladies that stay in the store all day.

The dedication was held in 1992. Several of our musical friends lent their talents to the days festivities. The shows were headlined by Chet Atkins and Billy Edd Wheeler. Billy Edd wrote the song "Little Brown Shack Out Back".
A few years later we added outhouse racing. If you have never seen outhouses race, you are in for a treat. In fact, some of our competitors travel from far away places, even Canada. But our races are a little different than most. Our races are one-on-one drag races along a 100 yard road. The winners keep advancing until a final winner is crowned. 
The outhouses are not real outhouses. Although one year we did have a real outhouse compete. After the race, it was put to use by the Amish in the area. The racing outhouses are sleek, lightweight, and fast. Each year we see new designs. Everyone trying to get the best edge to win. Some of the racers have corporate sponsors that pay their entry fee, travel expenses, etc. But most teams are just groups that pool their money to build and race on their own.


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