Links to Historical Penn's Store Events of the Past

Billy Edd Wheeler and Chet Atkins at the dedication of the first outhouse at Penn's Store on October 17, 1992.


For those of you who like to see the history of Penn's Store Events we have created this page.  You can view past years of Kentucky Writers Day participants and Great Outhouse Blowout performers here by clicking on the various links.  Please keep in mind that some of these old pages may have links that no longer work.  

Check out GREAT photos taken at the store 
by our friend and neighbor Kirk Schlea!
Photos by Kirk  






Penn's Store Great Outhouse Blowout Links

1998 Great Outhouse Blowout

2007 GOB Performers

 2009 GOB Performers

2009 Star Gazing Party plus testimonial from the 2007 Party

2011 GOB Performers

2011 GOB Race Teams

2012 GOB Performers

2012 GOB Meet and Greet

2013 GOB Performers

2013 GOB Meet and Greet

2014 Great Outhouse Blowout

2014 GOB Performers

2015 Great Outhouse Blowout

2015 GOB Performers

2016 Great Outhouse Performers

Penn's Store Kentucky Writers' Day Links

2006 KWD Performers

2007 KWD Performers

2007 KWD Photos

2008 KWD Performers

2009 KWD Performers

2010 KWD Performers

2011 KWD Performers

2012 KWD Performers

2013 KWD Performers

2014 KWD Performers

2015 KWD Performers

2016 KWD Performers

2017 KWD Performers


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